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Why Do you Need an Online Backup Service?  

Everyone needs some form of backup system.  Tapes wear out over time, hard drives can fail or you simply forget to backup your data.  Also, physical damage or theft to your residence or facility, though rare, is possible.  Having an online (off-site) solution is like having an insurance policy for your data.  In business, most everyone has a backup solution for their server(s) and often ignore the individual computers. Individuals who do not backup, risk losing data such as email, address books, important documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, pdf files and Internet favorites.

Why Computer Nerds Online Backup Service?

We've found that a large number of our customers are not sufficiently backing up their data and we could not recommend an affordable, reliable service so we decided to team up with an established well known partner who offers a high end off-site fast cloud solution. Fully tested, we are pleased to release this for businesses and individuals, computer novices and professionals who want a fast, reliable and affordable solution for an online, off-site backup system for their data protection.

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